Dr Immo Weichert

Immo Weichert is an acute physician at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, who is based at the Ipswich Hospital in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. He is the founder of this group.

He is a founding member of Safer@Home, an international research collaboration of specialists in acute and emergency medicine and vice chair of AMGER, an association of acute physicians within Health Education East of England, the UK's largest postgraduate deanery. He also represents the Society of Acute Medicine at NCEPOD as advisor for the Physical Healthcare of Inpatients in Mental Health Hospitals study and currently is also involved in the creation of an Acute Care Toolkit for patients with learning disability with the RCP and the Society for Acute Medicine. He is co-author of several chapters in the Mausdley Practice Guidelines for Physical Health Conditions in Psychiatry