The group

We are a  group of clinicians that are passionate about closing the gap between mental and physicial health through research and education.


Mental and physical health are deeply interlinked.

Physical illness can lead to mental health problems and vice-versa.


We talk weather, we talk headaches, we talk sport, we talk cramps. We ask patients about rashes and periods. Why don't we talk about mental health?!


Mental health problems are common within the medical profession, including depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug addiction and burnout.


Attitudes Regarding Mental Health and Physical Disability in a Group of Baka in Cameroon

A breakout project from the our main study in Cameroon. This is now ready to be submitted for peer review and publication.

Cameroon Mental Health and Disability Study

A collaboration with the Université de Yaoundé I. Over 1200 interviews were conducted throughout Cameroon looking into attitudes towards people living with mental health problems or physical disability.

The project is ongoing with the group still working on data extraction and analysis. We hope to be able to submit for publication by the end of this year.

Basrah Spinal Study

Our prospective study at Basrah Medical College in Iraq has now been published. Thank you to all participants. patients and researchers alike, for all their hard work and input despite the challenges due to the pandemic.


MHiM Survey

Thank you all who have helped to distribute or have completed this survey of clinicians in internal medicine if and to what extend they inquire about patients' mental health. Results have been presented at SAM in October 2019.

Prevalence Study

A study looking into the prevalence of psychiatric comorbidity in 2444 patients admitted to a hospital in England. Published in the September 2019 issue of the Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.


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